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DATE: By Derek Sussner, August 19, 2016

The Proof is in the Pokemon

The Proof is in the Pokemon


We have watched with interest as the Pokémon GO smart phone game craze has swept the world. For those who haven’t taken the time to read up, here is the gist of the game:

1) Users walk around the real world and interact with a live map, like we do now with Google Maps. The map is overlaid with different points of interest and Pokémon characters to catch. The map uses robust GPS technology to immerse the gamer in a fantasy world while they interact with their own real world on foot.


2) When users encounter a Pokémon in the game, they attempt to capture the Pokémon by swiping the screen with a finger—the Pokémon is captured and added to their collection. Once the user has accumulated a team of Pokémon, they can visit designated sites called “gyms” where they can play against other gamers.


The magic behind this game is Augmented Reality technology. AR allows the user to hold up their phone and to see the Pokémon sitting on the real life sidewalk that’s right in front of them. More on Augmented Reality technology in a moment. 

Heres why you should care:

Nintendo has cashed-in to the tune of an estimated $23 billion since the app’s launch. There are roughly 25,000,000 users playing per day—that’s more active users per day than Twitter. That’s an engaged user-base!

2nd Surface’s Interactive Reality technology (2SIR) is based on Augmented Reality Technology, but expands it to make it truly interactive.

Pokémon GO technology uses the exact same principles. The world around us is the interface—with a digital interactive layer inserted between. It’s an overlay of rich data on top of images and locations. Building on the foundation of Augmented Reality technology, 2SIR creates unique interactive experiences. Now imagine if your team’s fans could interact with each other, the venue and the game using that kind of interactive technology! There’s immense potential for new engagement and a surge in younger, more connected fans through 2SIR. Activating 2SIR will help teams engage their audience in virtually unlimited ways—giving fans a fresh way to see, touch and interact with the team and sponsors.

In Pokémon GO, users spend an estimated $1.6 million per day on in-app purchases. There’s the proof that this technology, if used in a practical way is a game-changer for engaging audiences.

Fans have an appetite for technology and Augmented Reality is a great way to capitalize on that. This technology gives teams the opportunity to interact with fans, allows fans the opportunity to interact with the team with other fans and with sponsors. Consider creating an Interactive Reality experience focused on your brand and give your fans something unique that they can’t experience at home.

See a few ways that 2nd Surface has started applying 2SIR within the sporting arena.


Screen captures provided by 2nd Surface owner’s 14-year-old son