Outside the Venue

Add 3D animation or video to the exterior of a stadium, including upcoming event stats, time until an event starts, animated logos, fireworks when the home team wins, replays and season recaps.


Direct the fan with wayfinding arrows that project onto the floor of the concourse inside the stadium, guide the fan to his or her seat, team stores, concessions or rest rooms.

On the Field

Sport-specific field markers and lines can be viewed on the field through the mobile device using the 2SIR app. Provide “control-room level” content to the fans, such as play-by-play announcer feed, player stats, sponsor messaging, on-field games and contests.

Printed Items

Using a printed item such as a ticket, postcard, letter, hat, direct mailer, sign or banner as an IR marker, the app can display basic 2D or 3D content. The interface shows game schedules, count down to game time, existing fanwear purchase sites, advertising and coupon opportunities.


The fan experience marker can be a designated image on a screen—such as a TV, laptop or personal computer monitor—at home or in the stadium. 2SIR isn’t limited by location.

Sky's the Limit

Our goal is to make it easier for organizations to extract practical benefits from Interactive Reality technology. Enhancing the team/sponsor brand or business model provides a unique competitive advantage—driving attendants and revenue should be the result.

The 2nd Surface’s unique Interactive Reality (2SIR) technology creates an engaging, informative and entertaining user experience.

Sports fans and event-goers can now interact with brands in an entirely new way—using the mobile smart phone and tablet technology they already carry with them.

With 2SIR the world around us is the interface, with a digital interactive layer inserted in between.

Our custom-designed mobile platform can be developed for fan experiences at-home, in-venue and even outside of the facilities—engaging customers with virtually unlimited marketing and sales opportunities.

Get the App

2nd Surface’s Interactive Reality is the “wow factor” every team needs to give fans a fresh way to see, touch and interact with the team and sponsors.

If you want a taste, download the app and try it yourself.