Game Day Results

[ The Advantage of Home ]

By applying thoughtful design and dynamic thinking to your spaces, the Fan Experience is enhanced. An enhanced Fan Experience influences people to stay  longer, spend money, attend more often and possibly, cheer louder for the home team. At 2nd Surface, we play for the home team.

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Case Study

Arizona Diamondbacks

[ Chase Field ]

The challenge was to take the Diamondbacks’ new brand color palette and integrate it functionally, efficiently and dynamically into the physical elements of their stadium, Chase Field.

The solution included extending the spirit of the brand’s renewal to every aspect of the home field, introducing new players to the fans, inviting the fans’ to a refreshed experience and taking advantage of previously unused spaces (some that offered opportunity to generate revenue).

2nd Surface created a full-on fan experience that delivered tasteful consistency across a diverse range of components. We created branding elements that required a special level of flexibility, wayfinding signage that demanded go-here intuitiveness, provided value engineered solutions that allowed the reuse of existing sign fixtures.

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Case Study

Houston Astros

[ Minute Maid Park ]

When fans go out to the ballgame, they should experience the personality of the team that calls the ballpark home. The original pre-packaged signage system in the Park didn’t exemplify the Astros team brand and wasn’t effective at adding to the fan experience.

We built a strong and concise graphic personality for the Astros’ home, Minute Maid Park. We developed stadium signage and wayfinding elements that supported the Astros’ brand and did the business of informing and moving fans.

2nd Surface successfully gave the signage a second surface wrapped in the Astros brand. This value engineered approach gave and the stadium a new look in a crisp, concise and attractive (not distractive) way. We love playing in the Majors.

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“Fan Experience” is about the people, while “Fan Engagement” is about the person. At 2nd Surface Design Company, our goal is authentic one-on-one connections.

Through our conversations and research, we discover what buttons to push and just how hard to push them. Those buttons range from the logistical and practical to the historical and absolutely emotional. We connect the team to the people via the person. At 2nd Surface Design Company, we motivate spectators one space at a time.