Interactive Reality

2nd Surface
Interactive Reality

A game changer for engaging audiences.

2nd Surface Interactive Reality (2SIR) is an augmented/interactive reality application that allows the user to interact with 2D and 3D markers. Scan the 2nd Surface Can Coozie to play with games Wheelie, watch videos, and discover the world of interactive reality experiences.

2SIR technology creates an engaging, informative and entertaining user experience. Sports fans and event-goers can now interact with brands in an entirely new way – using the mobile smart phone and tablet technology they already carry with them.

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iPhone 5 and up.
iPad Air 1 & 2
iPad Mini 2 & 3

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To see 2SIR in action, you’ll need a marker. Print your own marker by downloading the flat art as a PDF, or we can send you a real can coozie if you fill out the request form below.

Be sure to print in full color at 100% scale.

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