Dynamic Thinking x Skilled Design

+ Intelligent Application

= Superior Fan Experiences

Environmental Design occupies a specific sweet spot in the design realm. 2nd Surface specializes in the spaces your fans/customers inhabit when visiting your house (aka, stadium, arena, ballpark, etc.).

Our work manifests in branded graphics, such as aesthetic elements, signage, event support and way finding culminating in a comprehensive presentation of the team Story.

The Method to

Our Radness

  • Discovery and Strategy - Listen, learn and repeat

  • Develop Concept - The idea gets in shape

  • Detailed Design - The nuts and bolts, so to speak

  • Prepare to Produce - Coordinate resources

  • Deploy & Install - Make real in your house

  • Refine & Reflect - Onsite tweaks & post-project download



All of the below offer amazing solutions – but not in the Fans Experience space. Each are potential 2nd Surface partners in the task of connecting all of the fan engagement dots.

In-House Team

The go-to crew for all manner of collateral, ticket sales and the daily must-haves.

Architects/Interior Designers

The brains on creating the ceilings, floors, walls, pillars and space that 2nd Surface will re-surface.

Ad Agency

Putting the proverbial “butts” into the proverbial “seats” by building your brand to the outside world.

Signage Company

The technicians and tacticians who support, literally and figuratively, the efforts of 2nd Surface.